I think I will miss keeping cats…

Since I was a kid, we always had cats in or around the houses or apartments we lived in.  It seems that for some reason or another they have always been sort of a constant in my life.  I have always liked cats and of the pets you can keep, notice that I do not say “own”, they are the most maintenance free.  They clean themselves pretty well, they only come to you when THEY are bored or hungry.  But they also seem to know when you are down or sad, because that seems to be the time they will come over and bump you with their head or jump up in your lap.

Naty and I made a decision this last year.  When our current cats, Sally and Critter-Bug, pass on, we will be bringing in no more cats.  These will be the last ones that we will keep.

This makes me a little sad, but in fact, there is something that I will enjoy about this.  Namely the fact that there will be no more litter-box to clean.  Since I am the only one that cleans ours, then that means this is a direct benefit to me.  There will be no more stepping on the occasional soggy hairball that Sally likes to deposit on the middle of the hallway… always strategically place so that it is the first thing I step on when exiting the bedroom and never placed so that Naty steps on it, only me.  No more giving Sally her “Old Kitty” meds for her arthritis and “Kitty Diabetes”.

There is a lot that I am looking forward to by not having kitties in the house any more, but I have a feeling that I will miss them.  Even with the three dogs we have now, there will still be an empty spot when that time comes.  For now, I will just enjoy the company the provide and keep complaining about the little annoyances they do cause.

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