Countdown to Fatherhood – T-Minus 10 Weeks

I have decided to start a little series here called, as if you could not already tell, Countdown to Fatherhood.

At the time this will publish, there are about ten weeks remaining before my wife’s due date, so I will take the next ten weeks to talk about my feelings of parenting, what my parents were like and how I will use their, and other people’s parents, influences on me, to raise this child.

Before you start “tut-tuting” me, you need to not assume I am an idiot about this. Too many people have gone out of their way to tell me that nothing I or my wife are doing can prepare us for parenting. That all our preconceptions about what we are planning and what will be, are going to be busted when that baby arrives. Yes… I get it, I understand that.

We are excited, nervous, terrified, thrilled… you name the emotion and we have or will go through it. If you are a parent, then I am sure that you know exactly what I am talking about. But we also understand that we are not prepared for what comes next, so the best we can do it be prepared to do the very best we can do. More than likely the same way new parents have been doing for longer that recorded history can say.

I am reading books, and talking to other parents, but I know that this is all to get the generalities down. That by gleaning all this knowledge, my wife, Naty, and I will be prepared for most things, but not all. We will have many answers, but might still be confused or lost at a point or two along the line. This is nothing, I am certain, that many of you folks out there that are parents, have not also done when that first child came into your lives.

We have also surrounded ourselves with friends and family that are excited and pleased to help out along the way. Many of them are experienced parents themselves, some are not but are still excited about sharing the experience with us. For this we are eternally blessed and thankful. Together they make up our extended family and will be, in addition to the Grand Parents, if only in the name of love, if not that of blood, the aunts, uncles and other family.

The fact that we are expecting at all is a blessing. We were advised that we would probably not be able to have children, so after some effort, we stopped trying and decided to live life. Then when we least expected it, it happened. Maybe that is the way it was meant to be. As a friend of our said, we were given a chance to go out and live our lives, now it is time to have a child to share those lives and experiences with.

Are we ready for this child? Yes and no… but this is a new and exciting chapter in our lives, and over the next ten weeks I will share my fears, joys, thought, questions, concerns and ideas with you. You are more than welcome to join in the conversation and share your thoughts with me as well. Who knows… I might even be able to get my wife to chime in.

As always, thank you.

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    • HEHE… A few years ago She asked that I Not use her name on this all that often. She is very nervous about posting things like that, so I have got in the habit of not sharing it. She has, since, changed her feelings on that, but the habit is ingrained.


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