Watching kids play

There is something both tiring and exciting about watching children play together.  Whether on a playground or inside, it seems to be a combination of chaos, energy, terror and thrill that is hard to describe. As I am writing this, I am watching my son play at a place here in town called Hide and … Read more

I have become my mother…

It is official…  I have become my mother. I have tried to make sure that in all the things I do as a parent, I try not to be too cliché.  I remember all the saying that I heard over the years, things that my mother and father said to me and the things that … Read more

My son, the lady’s man

So as my son grows, I am noticing several new things about him each passing day.  Most of these are the usual things you notice about a child.  Picking up new habits, showing interest in things and wanting to know what they are.  Seeing his reflection in a mirror and knowing that he is looking … Read more

Curbing our tongues

  One of the most important things that my wife and I have been trying to do, now that we have a set of little ears around the house, has  been to watch our language.  To pay attention to the words we use and omit the ones that might find their way into his vocabulary. … Read more

Six Months in…

I have been bad… I have been so busy recently that I have not taken the time to write anything on this site, something that I need to do from time to time to share my observations with those of you that are interested in reading that which I choose to share. This last six … Read more

Countdown to Fatherhood – T-Minus 4 weeks

It’s strange how things work out.  How you plan something, working out what you think are important details, then when you are actually at the point where the thing you had hoped and planned for, actually comes to pass… nothing you planned actually survives first contact with reality. This is like the old saying, “No … Read more

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