I have become my mother…

It is official…  I have become my mother.

I have tried to make sure that in all the things I do as a parent, I try not to be too cliché.  I remember all the saying that I heard over the years, things that my mother and father said to me and the things that I have heard other people’s parents say, and I have told myself, “I am not going to say that to my child.”

Fast-forward several years… many years, in fact, and I have found myself saying one of the most dreaded clichés of all.

Gideon was in one of his excitable moods, getting into everything and being a typical 18-month old boy.  It seemed that every time we get him out of one mess, he is into another before we can even think about reacting.  It was then that saw him run past with a pen in his hand.

The words came out before I could even think to stop them.

“Gideon, give me that, you are going to put your eye out.”

Suddenly I knew it had happened… I had become one of THOSE parents.  The realization hit me hard, I stopped, after having grabbed the pen, of course, and put my hand on my head.   In Nerd Parlance, this is called a “FacePalm”.

I never saw it coming and now I am expecting to start uttering phrases like, “Wait until your mother gets home!” or “When I was your age I never talked back to my mother.”


In reality, though, I have to laugh.   I never expected that something as simple as using a phrase that I think every parent in history has used would make me suddenly feel like a “Parent”.   Like someone that is simply traveling a path and fighting a fight that more people than I can count have followed before me.

Like that, I realized what my mother and father must have gone through and what it must have felt for them to say the same thing to me when I was the age my son is.  Subsequently I also got a take of some of the sense of futility of saying that to a child that is still trying to get the whole walking, balance and talking thing down.

Yep… I am a parent.

But you know…  I would not trade all the dirty diapers, late nights, fevers, etc… for a life without him.  In my little Copernican universe, he is the center of my universe and all that I do is for him.  I would not have it any other way.

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  1. Heehee! Welcome to the world of parental sayings. Wait till you go on a long trip with him and he asks after two blocks "Are we there yet?" Then parenthood will really hit home with ya. 😀 Been there, done that! Enjoy it!


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