Curbing our tongues


One of the most important things that my wife and I have been trying to do, now that we have a set of little ears around the house, has  been to watch our language.  To pay attention to the words we use and omit the ones that might find their way into his vocabulary.

We had not even realized how much swore until we really started paying attention to it, now we are catching ourselves on a regular basis using words that our parents, at one time, would punish us for.

With this realization on our parts, we started a new program in our house, and it includes guests as well.  It is called, simply, “The Pinch”.  And it is starting to show some fruit.

The way it works is this.  If you say anything in the way of a curse… words I cannot share here because my filter will change them into something else, then whoever hears it first and makes the connection gets to pinch, good and hard, the offender.  Guests are given one warning, if they are not already aware of the game, then they are fair game if they drop any foul bombs.

Granted…  at seven months, the child will probably not pick up on much right now.  But we have to start on ourselves now to train each other to find other words to use.  Something that I find very important.

One thing I have to laugh about with this whole adventure is that this was all explained to me once before.   Years ago, my wife and I had a tape of Robin Williams: Live at the Met.  In there he has a whole section about how kids pick up on language cues before we know it.  I will not go into detail, but if you have a chance, and I am sure that it is out there on YouTube, listen to it.  It will have you rolling.


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