Amy Winehouse – RIP

Being that I wrote a piece about Amy some time ago, I feel I need to comment on the news of her recent passing.

While it is sad that she passed away, it should be remembered that she did lead rough life.  Her use of drugs and her lifestyle, in general, as was laid before us all on the national news for some time, was not conducive of that of a person that desired to live a long, full life.

I would never hope for a person’s passing, nor do I ever celebrate the death of anyone.  I strongly believe in the idea of Karma, so I make every effort to accept that the decisions of others are their own and that they create their own path.

I think that people, especially the youth, that followed Amy, should take this as a life lesson.  That they should see what the the substance abuse and lifestyle did to Amy and maybe learn from that.   I would hope that were Amy still with us today, she would agree with that and encourage the same of anyone that admired her.

She was a very creative woman, and I enjoyed listening to her music.  For the music, she will be missed.

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2 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse – RIP”

  1. Yes, for the music she will be greatly missed. She's got so much talent and creativity in there and I hope many will take her as an example to avoid this kind of lifestyle.

    • Thanks for the response, Anne.

      Like so many greats out there, we are only left with a small sample of what she could have been.


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