The Universe in a drop of coffee

I was sitting at my desk this morning, and as I moved my cup of coffee from one side of the desk to place it on my warmer, a drop of it sloshed out and landed on my blotter.

I am not sure why, but for several moments I was fascinated by the drop. I watched as it spread out and disappeared. Turning from a droplet, being held by a combination of the surface tension and the material that made up the blotter, then as it slowly spread out, eventually taking up the area of a dime. As it spread, the drop became less and less “droplike” as it absorbed into the paper of the blotter. Then, eventually, it had gone. All that was left was a blemish on the paper. Just a stain that showed that once, there was a drop here.

Being WHO I am, this made me wonder if, in a more complex way, that is all that we are, us, and everything we see or know; all that is our universe. Everything is just a drop of some beverage on some beings desk as they go through their daily grind.

We are just here, waiting for the edges of our drop to expand beyond the
realm of survivability, for the depth of our universe to shallow and eventually dry up.

It was an intriguing thought, anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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