Unanswered prayers…

There are many songs that touch me. Anyone that knows me, knows that when I listen to music, I REALLY listen to it and look for all the meaning that it has. Because of this, I think I enjoy music that much more. To not only hear the song for the song itself, but also … Read more

Mother’s Day…

So… Tomorrow is Mother’s day. I would like to wish all mothers of all ages a very happy one.  Too often we do not appreciate the work that they do.  So do me a favor…  If you can, go hug your mom, just because.  If she is not living with you or near you, call … Read more

Happy in my insignificance.

I am insignificant… at least in the eyes of most of the world. There may be some who would disagree with that statement, like my Mother, wife, relatives and, I hope, my friends. To the rest of the world, however, my life, and it’s passing, will remain largely unnoticed. There will be no state funerals, … Read more

Thoughts for Winter

Listening to Paul Harvey a few days ago, he told a poem about November. I wish I could recall the name of the poem and if you, reading this, happen to know the name, I would be pleased if you would share it with me. There is an electricity in the air this time of … Read more

The things we miss…

As I grow older, I also find myself longing for the things of my youth. Things that I know I will never see again except in my memories. While most of these memories are scarred by the passage of time, many are still intact, but when I say scarred by the passage of time, I … Read more

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