Music and the Moods it creates.

Have you ever noticed that music, aside from being pleasant to listen to, can also create a variety of moods and mental states? I am not just talking about things like romantic music making you FEEL in the mood, when you and your loved one are together. I am talking more about the other affects … Read more

The Miramar Airshow

The Miramar Air Show What can I say… WOW. I went to my first Miramar Air show with a friend, and his buddy from work… though I, personally, think they would have been better off there without me. My knee went out about a third of the way through the show, so I was a … Read more

Is it Christian?

This is a article I originally posted on my yahoo account, but felt I needed to place it here as well. Interesting thing happened to me a couple weeks ago, and it took me a while to generate a blog to it. I made my usual act of a gentleman and opened the door for … Read more

deEvolution of Friends and Friendship

It is funny. You never really see it get away from you until the day you realize it is gone. The years seem like a cancer, some days. You are happily living day to day and then, suddenly you realize that somewhere, somehow, you lost twenty years… nothing to show for it, no prize awaiting … Read more

U.S. Shuns Cuba’s offer of aid.

First off, let me start by saying: Yes, I understand the reason behind the Cuban embargo. I have family that is Cuban, and lived there during the events that led up to the embargo. But I think it is time we moved on. Cuba extended an olive branch, of sorts, this last week, offering to … Read more

Katrina’s other victims

While we are all coming together to help the victims of Katrina, lets not forget some of the smaller victims of this horrific storm. They are important in the sense that they, unlike most of their human counterparts, are unable to adjust to the problems they are facing. They also do not understand what has … Read more

9/11 Anniversary

As we approach another anniversary of the attacks on the US, I would like you to give me some input. Do you think that the United States is better today than it was on September 10th, 2001? Have the attacks and the resulting “War Against Terror” made us a better Nation, or made the people … Read more


Hi there… This is my second attempt at a blog… I hope that you find some interesting reading here, though I want to warn you. When I go off on an issue, I do not make any attempt to hide my frustration or gloss things. If you read something and I offend you, then you … Read more

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