Happy Thanksgiving Day

Hello all…  and Happy Thanksgiving Day. I would say that this has to be my favorite holiday of all of them, followed closely by Halloween.  I know, Halloween is not really a “holiday” per se, but I have always thought that it should be. Thanksgiving is, for me, a time to express myself through the … Read more

It’s the end of the world…

If you read this Blog enough, you know that I am not a big fan of most things TV related.  I will watch Discovery, History, Sci Fi (More on this later) and some of the other channels out there that I list as the few salvations to the art. This being said, sometimes there is … Read more

My Blog…

Greetings… When I started this blog, I did so with every intention of making it a place to keep things light-hearted and fun place to write the occasional article about my observations and opinions on things.  However, over the several years of it’s life, it has take on a new meaning to me. I have … Read more

Is America dying?

I read the papers, watch and listen to the news, read the blogs and listen to the way people talk and the question arises… is the America that we, as Americans, know and love, dying? This is not a question of philosophy or morals so much as it is a question of us as a … Read more

Your Ideas are Welcome!!!

Greetings all… My Apologies for the recent lack of posts… I have been going through a recent phase of mind block and have had plenty to write about and little to say. If you have ideas that you think I might be able to work with, you are more than welcome to send them to … Read more

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